WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: When Love Takes A Hold of My Camera

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"The soul never thinks without a picture." -Aristotle


“We were blessed to have engaged Brooke to capture the magic of our June wedding. Kathy and I lamented that we were so centered on one another that we missed so much…the joy and happy tears of our families, the adorable little boys carrying ring boxes and sticking out their tongues, the festive mood of our reception, and how our look of love for one another is evident in our smiles. Getting Brooke’s lovely photos enabled us to relive it again and again, and see so much we missed in the moment. Her sensitivity, creativity and humanity are manifest in every one of her pictures. What a wonderful talent she has!”

 –Dana Badgerow President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota


There is something about weddings that makes my job so worthwhile. Maybe it is all of the preparation that is done months advance, allowing me to capture a stunning bride, or a spontaneous and gentle tear falling from her wife's eye. It may be that there is so much loving energy in the air that it entangles me and wraps around my camera, and I am able to capture the day in its essence. Kathy and Dana are an amazing couple, they are giving, they cherish each other, and after many years of being together they were able to marry the love of their lives, and I cried for most of the wedding.

Tears fall at weddings, I am so guilty of it. There was a point during the ceremony where a slideshow was presented and it was pictures of Kathy and Dana, beautifully showing us how they have grown together as a couple. I focused my camera on their family and it was a sea of tissue and red faces, their family was overwhelmed with love and admiration for the two love birds.

As a wedding photographer it is my job to get to know the couple long before the wedding. I book engagement sessions with couples to study their love languages and pick out the flirty quirks they share while in each other’s presence. It is my style to capture their relationship while allowing them to forget that I am even there. Kathy and Dana were easy to get to know. What I felt on their wedding day was admiration for each other, passion for their relationship, and one thing that I don’t always see and feel at weddings was that they were present in the moment. Dana looks at Kathy with love and it is obvious that the feeling is mutual. Lucky me to be there to capture it all.

Dana was kind enough to write a review about me and how I made her feel about the experience she had with me. It is invaluable to get to know your clients, to allow their personalities to tell their story, and to capture all of the little, yet priceless moments of their special day. At the end of their ceremony I remember Dana literally jumping up and down. Years of waiting for this day all came full circle for her and it was one of the most blissful moments that I have seen shared between a couple.

When my wedding clients view their photos for the first time I do it with them. I live for their reactions. It is priceless and fulfilling. I have an ability to bring people back to a treasured moment, and they are fulfilled with that same emotion that they felt in the photo. For both of us it is like opening a perfectly wrapped gift, ribbon included.


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