NEW YEAR: New Adventures

January 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” –Amelia Earhart


Every New Year’s Eve I develop new goals for my life. I create a list of new adventures I would like to experience, all of them enhancing the way I feel about my work, my marriage and my family. I have a vision board that I made a couple years ago that I recently put next to my bed. My wife and I were looking at it the other day and noticing all of the things I had asked for and brought into my life. There was a new car, a new bike, a camera and lens, all these things I took pictures of and placed onto this board, with intention of bringing them into my life. As of right now, everything on the board, with the exception of two things, is in my life now, through the law of attraction and power of intention.

Sometimes I forget how powerful it is to create, to bring new things into my life, to move forward with adventures of new emotions and memories. I lose touch with the idea that whatever I want, I can have. In the past I had scared myself out of having and doing and being, because of the velocity in which it would be delivered, and the impact that it would make on me and my family’s lives. I deterred myself from making it happen because of comfort, awful and staggering comfort. One thing I learned is that with each uncomfortable emotion that I feel, comes new. Uncomfortable brings new feelings, new things, new friends, new love, new money, new experiences and new adventures.

I write a lot about manifesting, and worth, as well as love and compassion. These things you can see in my work. Every year I try something new and every new adventure leads to a new love for me that is in some way connected with photography. A couple years ago my family and I were in Alpena, South Dakota. We drove past my great-grandmothers house. At the end of the road was a horse. I was amazingly excited and begged my wife to pull up to the fence so I could explore with my camera. My kids and I got out of the car and were able to touch it and blow in its nose. I began taking pictures and there was this feeling that came over me. You know how you ask the Angels, Stars, God and the Universe for a sign? It was clear. After that moment, whenever I heard about horses, I wanted to be a part of it. I would ask people if I could photograph their horses, and was put off every time. But that did not stop me. I knew at the right time I would be able to begin equine photography. I created this by talking about it, even when eyes rolled and people criticized, I continuously intended to bring horses into my life. I knew I was meant to be around horses since I was very young, and this was my connection.

The power of intention and attraction is real, and I am continuously reminded and amazed. I love to photograph horses. This year I am dipping my toes into fine art photography. My wife says I am more of a diving Aries, than a toe dipper, and I accept that, because each splash is a new adventure, a new photograph, a new experience.


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