PHOTOGRAPHER: A Means to an End

February 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.”— Susan Sontag

This quote can have many different interpretations. I tend to connect to the one that I can most relate to, the inspiration that speaks to my current emotion, thought or interest. To think that everything exists to end in a photograph is a little unsettling. As a photographer I work hard to photograph things that people have not seen and as they are experiencing my work for the first time I want them to feel emotion. If everything exists to end in a photograph, it is up to us, the photographers, to allow the viewers to experience life through our own vision and intention.

When everything exists to end in a photograph, there is an unsaid contract between the photographer and the one who experiences the photo. There is an expectation to be moved, to feel and to be satisfied. I work hard to maintain this contract, and with every click of my shutter there is intention. When I am working with clients it is always invaluable to concern myself with the outcome of a photo. I intend to produce a certain style of photo, which my clients and supporters are used to and expect. My niche is that I am a connector. I am able to talk to and relate to just about anyone, including animals and places, and I am able to exhibit this through my work. Let’s face it, clients hire me because I know how they want to feel and what they want to experience during the photo shoot. I am good at reading them and delivering certain emotions on a platter in the form of a photo.

Photographers are a means to an end. By this I mean that we are tools to show you things that you could never put in words, things that you connect with everyday such as your family and friends. I am able to capture relationships and bonds between soul mates and you never have to guess how someone is feeling when you see my work. I am a go to for saving an emotion that you want remembered. This can only happen, as it always does, during a certain era of your lives while you have the wonderful intention of love. Clients hire me to photograph what they value.

When your intention is to book a photographer that will capture moments that you forget to see, remember my worth. As you look at your senior in high school, know that I will embrace their personality and it will own the photo shoot. Know that I value each client, each moment, each emotion, and that is why I am a photographer. I know how important it is to be present and mindful and to produce work that will make a tear fall and take your breath away.

In my world, I wish I could photograph each moment, each new thing my kids learn, each time my family finds a place to eat in our small kitchen, in order to share a meal together and to laugh and enjoy time. So yes, I do believe everything exists to end in a photograph, whether your priceless experiences come through my camera or not is up to you.

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