SENIOR PICTURES:Transitioning Into Adulting

April 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Photography is the story I fail to put into words… -Destin Sparks


Transitions have been clearly abundant this past year. From fall to winter, and onto spring, the always changing seasons gently and quietly reminds me that we are supposed to grow, and we are always guided to do as such. Each moment so different, and so unique depending on the space we are in when transition arrives. Transitions are gifts, and they can arrive in packages, even sometimes with big red bows. Those are the gifts we accept, the ones that look easy. They seem momentarily fulfilling and yet, that joy ceases so quickly.

Transitions are not always easy, but being mindful of them as they are brought to our attention is a gift. I can feel when one of my seniors is deep in transition. We talk a lot during their photo shoots about their goals, and aspirations, and feelings around growing up. I always tell them to do what makes them happy. No matter what the transition, if we are quiet enough, we can see the gift within the shift.

My class of 2016 senior representatives are my girls. We have spent a lot of time together and I want them to know that I will be thinking of them and sending light through their transition into adulting.  You have all outdone yourselves at each photo shoot, and you remind me to have fun and to be creative, and honestly, I love doing senior pictures because it reminds me that transitions are a good thing, transitions provide opportunity for growth  I appreciate each of you.

I love you.



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